Imperious Bulldogs and HamItUp Bulldogs

Imperious Bulldogs began in 1987 we purchased our first bulldog as a pet. He ended up being our first champion, CH Imperious Rex Franz. We finished several champions in the next five years but did not start the foundation we have today until we purchased a great little typey dog named CH. Jaylou's Major Max. He became our foundation dog and everything we have today goes back to him. Rick and I have 2 dogs in the BCA gallery. We have 5 bitches in the BCA HOF and two stud dogs in the BCA HOF. We are the only breeders along with our partners, HamItUp Bulldogs to have bred 3 dogs that have been awarded Best In Sweeps 3 consecutive years that we attended BCA Nationals. Rick and I are 1st plateau HOF breeders having bred 25 or more Champions. We have been judging for over 10 years. I have judged BCA Nationals, Chile's first National, Mexican Nationals, Canadian Nationals, Taiwan and will be judging the World show this year in Hungary.

5 years ago we were most fortunate to have met and partnered with Rick and Suzanne Glover (HamItUp Bulldogs). Together we have bred 3 National Best In Sweeps dogs, 2 National BOW and several Champions. Rick and Suzanne also have 1 bitch inducted into the BCA HOF in 2012, BISS CH Imperious Top Notch Kelly I Told You So. Our friendship and partnership is second to none.

HamItUp Bulldogs got it's start with bulldogs some 20 years ago but only as pets.  Our interest in showing began in 2005 when we purchased Ch. Imperious Fearless Venture from Kelly and Rick Franz.  He had some 8 points when we bought him.  We put him in the capable hands of Dennis O'Connor of MyToys Bulldogs who finished his championship in short order.  We were hooked from there.  Dennis and Terri O'Connor mentored us along with Kelly of Imperious.  HamItUp Bulldogs became partners with Kelly and Imperious in both co-owning, raising pups, and showing dogs.  We have been incredibly lucky to have such great mentors and Kelly continues to mentor us to this day.  We continue to learn, to look forward to new prospects to continue our success in the ring, and continuing a lasting friendship.

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